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Private Home or Office Simulator Setup

We provide a one stop, full design and build service for home and office golf simulator setup. Our preferred simulator of choice is the TrackMan 4 Indoor, but will also be able to design and build around your choice of golf simulator.

Please contact us at or WhatsApp at +852 9537 7585 for an initial discussion.


Home Setup

This was a home setup using the Uneekor Eye XO ceiling mounted launch monitor. Our client wanted to turn his ground floor living room into a space for golf practice. The setup comes with face-on and down-the-line high speed cameras. The screen enclosure and floor are completely custom built. The floor uses a noise and vibration dampening material, and we are using premium stance and hitting mats made in the USA. The brick pattern on the enclosure frame was specifically requested by the client and we are extremely happy to deliver on it to perfection.

Office Setup

This was a TrackMan 4 Indoor simulator build for a section of a client's private 12,000 sqft office. Here we matched the putting and hitting mat surface perfectly level with the entire floor of the office. This client wanted something minimalistic so we used heavy curtains as side protection as opposed to building a screen enclosure frame. 

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